Sri Sadguru Nithyananda Ashramam

Sri Sadguru Nithya Nanda Ashramam , Naduvannur.

An Ashramam at the birthplace of grate Avadutha Mahathma Bhagavan Nithyanananda Swami. This ashram was established by Sdguru Nithyananda Ashramam trust at Naduvannur, then handed over this ashrama to Sri Sankara charitable trust On April 2013.

Other than regular poojas and Sathsangas monthly classes, Bhagavan Nithyanananda Swami’s concecration anniversary celebration is being celebrated annually with special poojas and discourses. Several Sannyasins and devotees gather in this celebration. In addition to the regular classes, each month there will be one day sessions by Swami Chidanda Puri and Swamini Sivananda Puri.

Contact address
Karya Darasi
Sree Sadguru Nityananda Ashram
Kozhikode 673614
Phone 9895682905